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Downtown Victoria Buskers Festival

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The Downtown Victoria Buskers Festival is a free five-day, family-friendly event which showcases world-class street performances from around the globe. We work hard to create an exciting, welcoming, and sustainable event for everyone to enjoy. We are heavily focused on sustainability and supporting our local community, while offering opportunities for people to expand their worldviews.
Downtown Victoria Buskers Festival Volunteer Agreement
Rules and Regulations  I will act with kindness, respect and fairness to team members and community members  I will abide by all guidelines as set out by the festival Coordinators  I will report any issues during my shift to the Volunteer Coordinator (Jodi)  I will not consume alcohol, drugs, or smoke outside of designated smoking areas  I will wear my Volunteer Downtown Victoria attire to each shift  I am over 16 years of age, or have provided parental/guardian consent Volunteer Agreement  I understand that the DVBA is not responsible for my personal belongings  I understand and will oblige with all Rules and Regulations set by the DVBA during my shifts  I am aware that the DVBA requires a minimum of 4 hours of service to provide a reference letter  I agree to be on time and in proper attire for every shift  I agree to be in attendance at volunteer orientation  I agree to contact the Volunteer Coordinator (Jodi) at the earliest convenience if there is a conflict or issue with my shift  I understand that compensation for my time will be provided in the form of: × A Downtown Victoria Volunteer T-Shirt × A reference letter (upon request) × A meal voucher (for those working 2 shifts in the same day)  I am aware that my volunteer position is temporary and conditional upon cooperation with these terms

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